Funding the cost of equipment in order to reduce energy consumption is often the single biggest obstacle that businesses face when deciding on whether or not to proceed with a low carbon project. It can also be a major issue for suppliers and manufacturers trying to sell their products and win new business.

Our partners principle aim is to increase our clients cashflow, whilst at the same time reducing their Energy consumptions and CO2.  We also assist third party service suppliers to win new business by providing independent, flexible leasing solutions for their own clients; which can reduce the need for large Capital outlay, often increase cashflow and free up working Capital.  At the same time this can help to simplify the decision making process and add further value to the end client.

The team have been working in the energy sector for many years and understand the common issues and challenges that all parties face. This is why we offer a range of products and services to overcome these key concerns:

They can offer you a truly independent, tailored solution which is based on the merits of each individual client that we work with.  Utilising our network of over 30 lenders we are experts at finding the best leasing solution to meet your needs whilst highlighting the significant tax benefits that come with leasing.




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