The Opportunity

Investment Opportunity  in the lucrative & bankable Rajasthan Solar Market in India


With the world’s oil reserves running out, there is more and more emphasis on renewable sources of energy. Although there are several sources of renewable energy, none is more promising than solar energy. Every day, the earth receives enough solar energy to power the world’s entire requirement for over two years. Over the past several years, governments around the world have introduced attractive policies and subsidies aimed at increasing their solar power network. These policies have mostly reached maturity, with the subsidies being drastically cut-back. Today, there are very few markets where it is still possible to invest profitably in solar projects. One notable exception is India.

Although a late entrant, India offers some of the most attractive solar subsidies in the world, reaching over $0.25/kWh in certain cases. The main barrier is the time and cost it takes to get setup in that market but, for those who already have a strong local partner secured, the future is bright! Under this context, we invite you to take advantage of an opportunity to play a lucrative role in India’s emerging solar market.

This is a cutting-edge solar energy company focused on deploying state of the art equipment and construction techniques that maximise energy production, efficiency and profitability. Take advantage of an opportunity to play a lucrative role in India’s emerging solar market.

  • Two Year Investment
  • Annual Interest 13.56%
  • Quarterly Interest Payments
  • World Class Team
  • Government Backed Contracts

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