British installation and delivery firm Avonline has launched a solar scheme designed to allow homeowners to benefit from free electricity and revenue from the feed-in tariff. The scheme launched back in January will mean that homeowners wishing to invest in solar panels will only have to put up part of the cost, the rest being met by SunShare. Sunshare estimates that typical households with roof mounted solar installations will earn around £1,000 per annum from money generated by the feed-in tariff.

The difference between the SunShare scheme and other free solar offerings is that with this, homeowners will be able to benefit from the revenue generated from feed-in tariffs as well as cheaper utility bills. Managing Director of Avonline, Mark Wynn commented that,

“Any household that’s looking for a guaranteed long-term investment will struggle to find a better option. Qualifying UK homes can get a fully-installed solar PV system for as little as £3,999. The homeowners who make this investment will subsequently reduce their electricity bills by up to 40%. They will be able to earn over £1,000 a year from feed-in tariff payments, add value to their home, protect themselves against escalating energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint, just to mention a few of the benefits.”

This model means that both the Household and SunShare will benefit from the revenues generated by the feed-in tariff scheme, a revenue share which certainly seems a lot fairer than ones proposed by other free offerings immediately following the introduction of the tariff last year. The feed-in tariff works by offering fixed, guaranteed rates for units of energy both utilised and fed back into the grid by small scale solar generators. Wynn certainly understands that while many people are keen to tap into the revenue stream from solar energy many find it a daunting task.

“Trying to take on the whole responsibility and costs for a solar installation for your home can be a daunting task and this may have put off quite a few households who considered benefiting from the feed-in tariff scheme last year. However, with a unique scheme like Sunshare, upfront installation costs for homeowners will be significantly reduced and a professional partner will take away all the hassle of the installation, ongoing maintenance and the continuous paperwork associated with the feed-in tariff throughout the duration of the scheme.”

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