Solar Farm Land Required

Are you a land owner in the South of England?

We are looking for land that has the following requirements in order to build Solar Farms in the U.K and to start moving towards a greener Britain.

Basic Site Specification for Solar PV, UK

Size 5 – 40 hectares

Tenure: Freehold or long-term (25years minimum) leasehold

Orientation: Level ground or south facing angled, south of Birmingham

Electrical connection: Close proximity to any line to export the electricity generated is good. A 33kV line, or above would be preferable for larger sites

Shading: Avoid sites surrounded by shading from trees, buildings, terrain

Neighboring properties: No specific requirements, but large energy consumers who would directly purchase electricity generated may help economics.

Planning: No specific requirements, but avoid areas where adverse visual impact will lead to objections

Access: Vehicular access required for construction and O&M

Suggested sites: Brownfield development sites, former airfields, public sector landholdings, private landowners, former mining areas, industrial land, etc

If you believe you have a site we may be interested in please contact



August 20, 2010

we have land with a 33kv supply, approx 40 acres. contact me on 07850090123


November 22, 2010

I own land south of Birmingham. I have close to 5 hectares and am very interested in using it for sustainable energy.




July 10, 2011

Hi, I have 5 acres and few barn roofs on Surrey/sx border within 1/4 mile of new solar farm – is this good or bad? South facing.