The 25th EU PVSEC and 5th World Conference on Solar Photovoltaic Energy will take place between the 6-10 September 2010 at the Feria Valencia, Spain. Considered to be one of the leading annual conferences in the field of solar PV energy generation, the 25th EU PVSEC conference will be held in conjunction with the 5th World conference on Photovoltaic energy conversion.

The ground-breaking Valencia conference will also bring together the 36th US IEEE PV specialists conference and the 20th Asia/Pacific PV science & engineering conference in what is expected to be a massive and unique internationally focused forum for solar energy specialists.

Attendees of the Valencia conference will have the opportunity to meet experts fro around the world and discuss potential developments in the field of solar photovoltaic generation. New trends will be discussed with a keen focus on recent innovations in the science of solar PV. The opportunity for networking, exchanging ideas and perspectives and keeping abreast of international PV developments will provide an exciting prospect for anybody involved in this industry.

With subjects of discussion covering Industry, R&D, Policy, Utilities, Architecture and of course, end users, those involved will get a truly global perspective on all the key issues facing the solar PV market now and in to the future. With side events such as Fora, workshops and technical tours, the 5 day event will be sure to provide a wide array activities.


  • Plenary lectures focusing on the state-of-the-art and targets of PV
  • Oral and poster presentations of specific research, development and demonstration projects, PV applications, 
    PV markets
  • Exhibition of PV products and services (6-9 Sept.)
  • Fora and workshops on present-day PV issues
  • Scientific tours and a social programme

For more information on the 25th EU PVSEC and 5th World Conference on Solar Photovoltaic Energy please visit:

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