The allure of solar energy lies in their ability to provide returns regardless of conditions such as a strong economy, low inflation, or a bullish stock market. And indeed, one of the key benefits of solar energy is this ability to profit in virtually any economic environment.

This is an opportunity to invest into a solar photovoltaic park that will deliver a healthy yield over the investment period but more importantly the revenue is secured against government law.


• Invest from £10,000.
• Choice of exit strategies from 5 to 40 years.
• 10% Annual Yields.
• Revenue secured by Government Contract.
• Licenses in place.
• Discounted offer until January 31st 2010.
• Proven technology.
• Full warranty and Insurances.

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La Rioja is a province and autonomous community of northern Spain. Its capital is Logroño. Other cities and towns in the province include Calahorra, Arnedo, Alfaro, Haro, Santo Domingo de la Calzada, and Nájera. The climate is mainly Mediterranean climate. The average temperature ranges from 11.8°C – 31.8°C (53°F – 88°F) and the precipitation ranges between 300 mm – 600 mm as an annual average.

The installations are built and currently connected to the national electricity network under the legislation and fixed Feed In-Tariff of the RD 661/2007. Therefore these projects will benefit from the current high selling price of 0,47 /kwh for a period of 25 years (plus CPI correction). Official studies of solar radiation confirm that Spain has the highest irradiance levels in Europe which is reflected in the high solar energy productivity of the region.

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