News, the group of solar energy specialists dedicated to green issues and leading exponents of solar energy has announced that it will be offering a solar installation quotation service via its website.

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The service will help both businesses and homeowners navigate the often complex world of green investments by offering advice as to the best solar packages available.

With a broad range of experience in the solar photovoltaic sector, is aware that many investors in solar panels are put off by the all too confusing array of products and technology available in the market. will seek to eradicate any confusion and clarify doubts by offering the right product to customers depending on their needs.

Ian Spencer, Managing Director of stated that,

“Ever since the website was launched, we have had enquiries requesting quotes for Solar Installation, especially with the Feed In Tariff (FIT) due to be launched in April. WE are now delighted we can offer this services, using one of the leading Solar Installation firms in the UK”

With great opportunities available to reduce energy costs and of course, help slow the process of global warming will be rolling out a service which will help both households and businesses save money, also taking advantage of the UK government’s Clean Energy Cash Back System, designed to incentivise investments in green energy through cash rewards.

With a vast array of products on the market, often from far away manufacturing bases in the far east, it can often be difficult for first time solar panel purchasers to discern the good companies from the… not so good and to calculate whether attractive looking offers are actually as great value as they first appear.

With a sharp eye on the market and with a passion for promoting solar installation in the UK, is keen to make the whole process of solar panel purchase and installation as smooth as possible, offering peace of mind to customers and promoting customer friendly, ethical companies.

Ian Spencer added,

“We expect the demand for Solar Installation quotes to rapidly rise the nearer we get to April and the dramatically increase on the Feed In Tariff is more widely recognised and known about. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to offer this service now for all of our site visitors”

To request a quote CLICK HERE

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