Posts tagged with: investment product, has followed up the providing of the high yield Solar Investment Bond by releasing an investment product based on the construction of a 50MW solar thermal plant in Spain.

With the solar thermal industry predicted to be worth around €16.4 billion annually within the next 20 years, investors across Europe are turning their attention to new energy technologies, with solar thermal at the forefront of renewable energy generation.

Through the application of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology, solar radiation is harnessed in cells to produce medium – high temperatures the energy from which is used to drive conventional turbines. With advances in technology, these plants are now able to store the heat energy through the night, ensuring that the turbines are driven on a 24 hour basis.

Solar Thermal energy technology requires direct sunlight for production, therefore the €320 million site to be located in Spain will harness the high solar radiation levels of the region to maximise energy production from the plant.

Along with the climatic benefits of Spain, investment opportunities are boosted by the presence of a feed-in tariff protected by Royal Decree, legislation which obliges utility companies in the region to purchase the renewable electricity at rates above market prices. The feed-in tariff mechanism has been used successfully in a number of countries as a way of off-setting the obvious costs involved in renewable energy production. This in turn attracts investment by offering investors consistent high yields over a long term period.

The product offered by will use the Spanish feed-in tariff mechanism to offer investors revenue streams of around 9-10% p/a over a long term period. This power plant investment scheme is also insured to guarantee to investors that the plant construction will be kept to timescale and also, that the plants productivity once active, will be at the highest possible level.

Investment – Solar Thermal
Budget – From 10 Million Euros
ROI – 8-10%
Investment Duration – 40 Years
Exit Strategies – Available

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Solar Feed In Tariff is working with a leading figure in the Solar Investment market to bring to you a stunning new investment product.

This is an opportunity for Investors to purchase a Solar Bond for 10,000 Euros that pays an annual income of 10% for five years and a full capital repayment.

Subscriptions to the bonds are available until end of November 2009.

The investment opportunity is to purchase a solar energy bond from a solar installation. The installation is operational with complete permits and licenses, utility contracts, maintenance, insurance and company administration.

Each bond costs 10,000 Euros and pays a fixed interest of 10% per annum for five years and a full capital repayment.

Spain has been one of the most successful countries in the public promotion of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES-E) , particularly wind electricity. This support has been based on a feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme. Although the basic structure of the system was implemented in 1998, it has been modified in 2004 and 2007.

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