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Estate agency firm Knight Frank claims that rural estates and farms in the UK could bring in extra income in the tens of thousands if they take advantage of the renewable energy feed-in tariff. In its latest publication, Rural Report Knight Frank created a hypothetical renewable energy farm utilizing all forms of renewable energy as a means of generating revenue through the feed-in tariff calculating the cash that could be generated from wind, solar, hydro and anaerobic digestion.

The report found that if complete grid-connectivity were achieved, the following incomes could be generated:

  • 2 wind turbines: £300,000
  • Anaerobic digester: £460,000
  • Hydroelectric Installation: £190,000
  • Solar Panels: £26,300

The total income for these renewable projects would be an impressive £916,000 with a potential of £18.5m to be made over the project’s lifetime.

The potential for landowners to benefit from feed-in tariff legislation in the UK is enormous with the potential not only to receive tariff payments but also to significantly reduce overheads by using the energy produced on the land.

The Knight Frank report explains the mechanism stating,

“Feed-in tariffs were introduced in the dying days of the Labour government and were designed to encourage people to create their own renewable electricity.

An index-linked payment guaranteed for up to 25 years is made for each unit of electricity produced even if it used by the generator for their own consumption. The tariff varies depending on how the energy is being generated and the scale of the scheme”.

Although the hypothetical estate set out in the Rural Report gives the absolute optimal conditions for generating revenue from renewable energy, it nevertheless highlights the potential to make money though renewable energy. With project lifetimes of 25 years and revenues protected by government legislation, landowners are catching on to the fact that there is real money to be made from investing in renewable installations.

The date has been announced for the ‘Introduction to solar markets and technology’ course to be held in London between 14 & 15 October 2009. The Green Power Academy which will be hosted in conjunction with the highly successful Green Power Conferences will seek to shed some light on the essential basics of the emerging UK photovoltaic (PV) industry.

The course will offer information and debate on the various commercial advantages which potentially be gained from the solar industry. Highlighting case examples, figures and various business models, attendees will have an opportunity to analyze and compare the different options available to those planning on investing in the UK solar industry. Similarly, the conference will provide detailed and expert evaluations of the various ways of harnessing the sun’s energy for the purposes of energy generation. With a focus on both PV and solar thermal technologies the presentations will give advice as to the respective advantages and disadvantages of each technological field.

Regarding photovoltaic technology the course will cover key areas such as PV material and design looking at the components involved in the manufacture of these materials. From a manufacturing point of view, attendees will be given information on the procurement of solar material along with the costs involved with supplies. Information about grid connectivity and efficiency will all be given using relevant case examples giving attendees a valuable insight into how the PV market has worked elsewhere.

The thermal solar market will be looked at giving specific information regarding Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) solutions for the market and ideas as to where it will be moving in the future. Case studies and figures will be used to give ideas as to the various benefits this technology will provide for potential investors in this sector. The sector will also be analyzed in terms of future market trends and of course regulations which could effect the industry in the future.

Green Power Academy has a history of successful renewable energy courses and will continue the trend in London next month. Dr. John Massey, the training director for the course will use his extensive experience in the solar industry to offer attendees an invaluable resource whether they be new to the industry or new investors wishing to join the emerging sector in its infancy.

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