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Following on from the UK Solar economic forum, currently taking place in London, Green Power Conferences, one of the leading organizers of green energy events has announced the upcoming US Solar forum to take place in Washington.

With Barack Obama’s recent espousals of green initiatives and a sizeable upturn in green investments in light of the crisis facing Wall Street, the Solar economic forum, to be held in Washington D.C. on the 9 & 10 of September, will be sure to generate a huge interest amongst US solar sector members.

The US Solar economics forum will offer advice on the US solar industry and how it can react to the global economic crisis. With a particular focus given to recent legislation both on a national and local government level attendees will be able to get a strong feeling of the direction in which the US solar industry is heading. Similarly, with expert analysis and financial evaluations of the feasibility of various photovoltaic technologies the event will offer a forum focused on networking and real business success.

The forum will offer attendees the opportunity to come face to face with some of the key players in the US solar industry with the following high profile, expert speakers confirmed:

·          John Bartlett, Financial Analyst, U.S. Department of Energy, USA

·          Julia Hamm, Executive Director, Solar Electric Power Association, USA

·          Mike Nedd, Deputy Director, Bureau of Land Management, USA

·          David Arfin, Vice President, SolarCity, USA

·          Rainer Aringhoff, President, Solar Millennium, USA

·          Matt Cheney, Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Ventures, USA

·          Carrie Cullen Hitt, President, The Solar Alliance, USA

·          Shawn Kravertz, President, Esplanade Capital, USA

·          Nancy E. Pfund, Managing Partner, DBL Investors, USA

·          John Woolard, Chief Executive Officer, Brightsource Energy, USA

For full information on this conference and how it could benefit anyone involved in or wishing to learn more about the industry and its prospects, please visit:

In a show of support for the possible introduction of a feed-in tariff, the UK solar industry, led by the UK Solar PV Manufacturers Association has launched its ‘We support solar campaign’. Following last years Energy Bill, there is now a real probability of a coherent feed-in tariff law being established in the UK

The feed-in tariff is government legislation which attracts investment and promotes growth in the renewable energy sector by making it a financially viable option. This is done by guaranteeing a fixed, premium rate for energy fed-into the national grid from renewable energy suppliers. The added cost of producing energy by renewable means is therefore offset by the fixed rates that the traditional energy companies are obliged to pay for the green Megawatts.

The feed-in tariff contracts will provide small renewable installations (generally under 5MW) with a steady revenue stream and it is believed that this will help spread the ‘green’ message into communities. Around 30 MPs are now backing the take up of a serious feed-in tariff policy, as has been seen in places like Germany and California where they have been successful. The government has hinted strongly that they will be looking to mirror feed-in tariff systems implemented abroad and there is growing pressure both from leading renewable energy producers and environmental groups alike for their adoption in the UK.

Former UK government minister, Michael Meacher has given his support to the feed-in tariff and Environment and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Milliband by saying,

“Ed Miliband’s decision to introduce a feed-in tariff for solar PV and other small-scale renewable electricity technologies is potentially a real turning point for the UK solar PV sector. It gives the UK a vital new policy tool that should help to maximise the contribution from solar PV to our demanding renewable energy target.”