Solarfeedintariff.co.uk was established in 2008 by a group of Renewable Energy specialists keen to create a focal point for green issues particularly with regards to government feed-in tariffs. With experience and knowledge in the field of Photovoltaic technology we are seeking to develop awareness of and provide clear and conscise information for the renewable energy industry.

Our commitment to tackling climate change and finding long-term alternatives to fossil fuel consumption has led to us being passionate exponents of the feed-in tariff as a means of spurring investment and growth in green energy. Our team is working to create a website which can be used as a reference by anybody in the renewable energy industry with a desire to know how the introduction of feed-in tariffs will effect investment.

Solarfeedintariff.co.uk wants to provide information specific to the solar feed-in tariff but we will also focus on the renewable energy industry globally and provide up to date news for all green issues. You can browse the following areas of our website to see how government legislation is, and will affect the industry in the future:

  • renewable news
  • the feed-in tariff
  • solar energy
  • solar worldwide
  • solar investments
  • renewable energy

We hope that you will find the information on this website useful whether you be a student studying the growth of green energy or an investor, researching how the feed-in tariff will protect and guarantee a return on your investment.